For Immediate Release: National Recognition for FICS

For immediate release: August 5, 2019

Contact: Alayne Unterberger, or 8134772882

Florida Institute for Community Studies (FICS) is Named National Partner of the Month by the US DHHS, SAMHSA, National Network to End Disparities (NNED)

Tampa, FL – Florida Institute for Community Studies (FICS) is excited to announce that we have been named, through a competitive process, National Partner for August 2019 for our accomplishments to end disparities.  FICS is a recipient of a NNEDLearn grant to implement an evidence-based program, Familia Adelante, in Hillsborough County as part of this innovative partnership.  FICS is grateful for this partnership, which comes at a time of increased stress in the im/migrant communities across the US.  The link to our feature is at

FICS staff were trained by US DHHS SAMHSA in New Mexico in May 2019 to bring the program back and implement it.  Now that summer is over, FICS is now recruiting our first cohort of Latino/Hispanic parents and youth to participate in a bilingual English-Spanish 12-session, 6 week program!  The program is free for families with any youth ages 9-14 who qualify.  The program strengthens parental and youth ability to cope with stressors and avoid common pitfalls such as peer pressure, gangs, substance abuse and more. 

The program will begin as soon as FICS has 6-10 families who qualify. We will set up the hours and dates according to family availability.  Familia Adelante was created by Dr. Richard Cervantes (2003) and it has been successfully evaluated as an effective program for Latinos/Hispanics youth who struggle with behavioral problems in the classroom, those who are extremely shy/withdrawn/anxious/nervous or having trouble learning English.

If interested, please call us at 813-801-6844 or email us at

About FICS: The Florida Institute for Community Studies (FICS) is a 17 year old statewide non-profit (FEIN 59-3712006) dedicated to partnering with communities to help them achieve their goals through research, services, education, training and the arts.   We are in the process of rewriting our community plan for Town n Country with a focus on wellness due to research indicating high rates of vulnerability in health and mental health.  FICS is working out of the Morgan Woods Recreational Center, where we have begun an evidence-based STE(A)M afterschool program, intergenerational wellness activities, tutoring/mentoring, community chess and now the first Town n Country Community Theater Project, with assistance from the Patel Conservatory of the Straz Center. We are bilingual and multicultural, have an active website at and urge you to like our Facebook page and can be reached at 813-801-6844.



For Immediate Release: National Recognition for FICS
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