Celebrating our Youth’s Academic Success

At FICS, we set youth up for success. Recently, several of our youth showed great progress, so we celebrated!

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From the desk of:

Dr. Alayne Unterberger, Executive Director
BIG NEWS! Noticias! Report cards are out! Las calificaciones ya nos llegaron!
We have a lot to celebrate! Several honor roll students and one with straight As! I owe him his own pizza.
Math bowl champions!
Not unexpectedly, we also have many students who struggle because they are new to the US and several have never attended any school before due to pandemic.

This started way back when….

I told some middle school girls that if they got Straight As I’d buy them a whole pizza each! They didn’t believe me. But slowly our kids started doing better and better.
These past few years have been tough. We have not had any straight A’s
But NOW we got one and YEP — I delivered!
Congrats to Heison! 5th grade math bowl winner and Florida Institute for Community Studies, Inc. (FICS) student since he came from Cuba!
Bien hecho Heison y mamá Leondany!
Estamos muy orgullosos de ti! Felicitaciones!

About Afterschool4Success:

Our home-grown mentoring program that builds STEAM, improves grades and prevents youth (7-17) from getting involved in risky behaviors

About Dr. Alayne Unterberger, Executive Director:

Alayne is a co-founder of FICS, which grew out of a series of initiatives with community leaders, students, professors and activists from across the state. She is passionate about FICS’ motto: CARE. It stands for Community, Activism, Research and Education. These four pillars emerged from community participatory research and reflect our belief that communities know their strengths and needs best. We work to develop community voices to advocate for solutions that create the conditions for success. Dr. Unterberger possesses a PhD in Medical Anthropology from the University of Florida and currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Public Health at the University of South Florida

If you have any questions about Afterschool4Success or our programs, you can contact Dr. Unterberger at alayneu@ficsinc.org

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Celebrating our Youth’s Academic Success