Coding4Success has been launched at FICS to teach youth of all ages to code.

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From the desk of:

Scott Schneider, Director of Technology

Over the past 2 weeks at FICS, youth have been learning coding through individual and collaborative activities. With the use of, youth “play” game-like activities by coding their next move.

Coding lessons integrate Florida State Education Standards in a variety of subjects. Coding has been proven to improve reasoning, critical thinking, reading, and mathematical skills. 

In its first two weeks, two young learners completed the first course in record time! In addition, youth compete in a friendly completion, seeing who can code the most lines and complete the most levels. 

Here are some photos from the past 2 weeks:

About Coding4Success:

Coding4Success is a new program that teaches youth computer programming. It is open to ages 7-16.  A event calendar of classes will be released soon on our home page. 

About Scott Schneider, Director of Technology:

Scott Schneider is FICS’ Volunteer Coding Instructor and Director of Technology. He possesses an Associates of Arts degree and possesses certifications in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and WordPress. In addition, he has completed professional training in Instruction and is a member of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA).

If you have any questions about Coding4Success or our technology programs, you can contact Scott Schneider at

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