A message from Team FICS on Fathers Day and Juneteenth

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From the desk of: Dr. Alayne Unterberger, Executive Director
Today is Father’s Day and Juneteenth in the USA. The two days have great importance in the everyday life of our communities. Juneteenth is acknowledged that slaves were emancipated — or liberated — from Abraham Lincoln in 1864 but the states didn’t give them their freedom and they continued as if nothing had happened. The last place freedom was in Galveston TX when the feds went to tell them on June 19, 1865. Equally with the fight for independence and freedom in this country, President Biden and Congress made a bill marking 6/19 a national holiday. Fathers Day also had a struggle to settle down.
In everything we have to remain united and multicultural with a lot of respect and patience because this struggle is continuous and long and with a lot still to do if we want a more equal country with more success and where young people have a better future!
Come on, we’re with you!!

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