About Tu Cuentas/Youcount

FICS has a small grant we called “Tu Cuentas or You Count” which is a play on the Census’ own marketing, which includes a multigenerational effort called “All Generations Count.” We would love to work with you if you have places or spaces where we can make presentations in English or Spanish and put on an educational play and sign people up to assist them if they need help. Through this grant, generously funded by the Alleghany Franciscan Foundation, we have four new tablets and bilingual, trained staff who can help. We also have four laptops we can bring out to you and assist with filling out the Census on the spot! Our goals are simple: we want to PREVENT undercounts by targeting young families where we know – from the ROAM tool – they are likely to be missed. But we all need to work together to get this done. The Census has limited funding this year, so if someone comes to your door to help you, please let them. We are all in this together.

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